Turning wood

Woodturning is a fascinating and a rewarding hobby. It helps one relax, be creative and productive. Equipment required is a wood lathe, tools to shape the wood like gouges and the miscellany like wood finishing items - sand papers and varnishes/polishes/waxes.

You can look around you to see wood turned products. Wood turned items attached to strings to pull blinds, curtains, light switches, the bannister rails, table and chair legs, bed posts and of course pens. Wood turned objects and items are all around us.

My fascination is with wood-turned pens and perfume atomisers. The variety and choice of wood available as pen blanks, sold in craft shops, tool manufacturers and e-bay makes it easy to experiment with different types of wood in their various colours. When turned into pens, the wood turns into a wonderful writing instrument, feels good in the hand and if you are superstitious, you are in constant touch with wood - “touchwood”. ‘Pen Kits’ are sold in craft shops, e-bay and several other outlets dealing in such crafts.

If you would like to learn more feel free to send e-mail and I will answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

Email Address: sudheer@manthri.co.uk

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