Making Pens

The following details should grab your attention and hopefully interest you in wood-turned pens.

One chooses:

A ‘pen-blank’, a piece of wood about 6”x1/2”x1/2” (6 inches by half inch by half inch)

A pen kit - sold as a pack of the metal components that are used to assemble the pen - these comprise the tip, clip, top end, a central ring and a ‘twist mechanism’ for a popular type of pen. One can choose to make a fountain pen by acquiring the appropriate bits, also sold as a pack. These packs come with the brass tubes that form the skeleton of the pen.

The pen blanks are cut to size and holes bored through the length and the brass tubes inserted with glue. These are then mounted on a pen mandrel to be turned on the wood lathe. After sanding, varnishing and polishing to one’s heart’s content, the bits are all assembled to produce a wonderful writing tool - a wood turned pen.

I am happy to offer a hands-on lesson for those interested and able to come to my place.

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