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Welcome to the SUMA Independent Health Information services page. We are the premier providers and researchers (secondary) of health information.

It is our mission to serve you by providing the quality health information you seek.

We believe the best way to achieve this goal is to supply the information you require, in a format that you wish, in order to meet your specific needs.

We tailor our product to your requirements from start to finish.


  1. Facts and details of any disease, illness and medical tests
  2. Current trends and guidelines for diagnoses and treatments
  3. Literature searches: A comprehensive literature search from appropriate sources to meet your needs and requirements (Academic & University Library catalogue searches, Professional Organisations & Association resources, Government and other ethical organisation sites)
  4. Online database searches
  5. Document delivery of full text articles or other documents related to your project
  6. Information synthesis, analysis and custom-written reports
  7. Bibliographic lists
  8. Any other special information requirements
  9. Mentoring for Junior Researchers & Students


  • Individuals and organisations of of all types
  • Small businesses
  • Solicitors
  • Doctors
  • Corporations
  • Not for profit organisations
  • Trusts
  • Government agencies
  • Graduate & Postgraduate students


  • Price guideline 25 - 45 per hour
  • The fee varies on the nature of your information project. This is based on the resources used, copyright royalties fees, online database charges where involved, and custom report writing fee etc
  • Overall fee for a project is quoted following the reference meeting/consultation

For more information, informal discussion, schedule a personal interview or a reference meeting, please contact us via E-mail giving as much detail as possible of your project.

You may also call us on 01543 376143 from 6.00PM to 9.00PM or 07769 687076 at any time.